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Baptism at St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Newark

Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals, Memorials

To make arrangements, please contact the church office at (315) 331-3610

Prayer Requests

Please complete one of the forms found on the back table of the church and place it in the offering plate.  Alternatively, please contact the church office.

What Do I Do? When Do I Stand?

Every liturgy at St. Mark's uses a printed bulletin with the order of service.  The service is found in the red Book of Common Prayer and the music in the blue Hymnal, both of which are in the pews.  Instructions as to standing, kneeling, etc. are printed in the prayer book.  Ushers will provide direction during Communion.  Don't worry, we often have visitors.  You won't stick out.

What Should I Wear?

Whatever is comfortable for you and respectful for others.  Some come in jeans, others in suits, others in something in between.

Holy Communion

Everyone, without exception, is invited to receive Holy Communion.  Please come forward as the ushers direct you.  If you are unable to navigate the steps to the altar, tell an usher and the clergy will bring Communion to you in your pew.

If, for whatever reason, you are not disposed to receive Communion, know that this time is still for you.  You are invited to come forward and cross your arms over your chest and the Priest will give you a blessing.

Are Children Welcome?

Absolutely!  They are very welcome and we are an understanding congregation, tolerant of noise and movement.  There are crayons and coloring pages at the back of the church, and a changing table in the nursery.  Children are also welcome to join our Sunday School.  Please see our Families page for further information.

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